Root firmware Cyanogenmod

Cyanogenmod, dignity, root rights

dignity Cyanogenmod

Firmware Cyanogenmod is much more than just Android, with it you get a bunch of new features. For example if your device is no longer manufactured the official updates, and iron on it powerful, you can set Cyanogenmod which will be the latest version of Android.

Do you root privileges in Cyanogenmod

Yes, stitching your smartphone this firmware, You How to root access. What is the root and how to check for root access you can read on our website.

Changing the system interface

Cyanogenmod change your interface with new themes. You can make a very profound change – icons, fonts, boot animation, sounds and much more.

Using groups settings

You You can create their own configuration profiles and switch between them depending on the situation. For example change the brightness in one click, the sound, turn off wi-fi, GPS and more.

In general Cyanogenmod is solid pros. Install firmware can even an ordinary user.