How to remove root privileges

Remove the root access on Android

In this article you will learn how to remove root access from your smartphone or tablet. The reasons can be many: spontaneous reboot the mobile device, the need to include a service center, personal reasons.

What is root access and how to check their availability, you can check out on the links.

Methods for removing root access


Here are a few options, each chooses its own.

  1. The best option is to remove the root of the program, which were obtained by root. For example, if the root is done through Kingo, then remove it easily through Kingo. An example is shown below.

  2. Make Android re-flash the factory
  3. Reset (Wipe), Hard Reset, reset to factory settings. Make a dump from Android settings through Recovery menu, via the hardware Reset button or Bootloader menu using Fastboot.

  4. Remove SuperSu application.

Video to remove root access

After all of the options it is necessary to restart the mobile device and the root privileges removed.